Just as Disney replaced Fairy Tale books with their movies, those movies got replaced with video games as a number of game developers published games based on fairy tales. I bring you a list of such games, which are not exactly myth based (like God of War or Skyrim), rather, those which reminds you of the fairy tales we heard as kids, only playable.

1. Fable: Fable introduces gamers to a breathtaking fantasy world where you can be the chivalrous hero you always wanted to be. If you prefer being more of a sinister anti-hero, the choice is up to you. The game play is fabulous and graphics is decent considering it came out way back in 2004. This brilliant RPG was developed by Microsoft Studios, and if you are done with the original and your thirst for adventure is still unquenched, then you can try out Fable 2 and Fable 3, both of which build on the original’s strengths. Platform: PC, Xbox

2. Legend of Zelda: Before the age of Play station and Xbox, we had GameBoy and those who had GameBoy had at least one of the Legend of Zelda games. The plot generally is about a friend-zoned kid Link, whose main goal in life seems to be to save Princess Zelda, who has a habit of being kidnapped way too many times. The game is a bit mainstream but fun to play. The latest game of the series, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword came out in November 2011 and the franchise won the first video game Hall of Fame Award in the Spike Video Game Awards. Platform: Game Boy and all Nintendo Platforms.

3. Castlevania: Konami was one of the first developers who used non-sparkling vampires as antagonists before it was cool and then every franchise started using them. Gameplay of Castlevania is fluid and has a wide array of enemies of every category you can think of. With over 30 games in the series and being available in almost every platform, the series will give you the ultimate fantasy adventure. Platform: PC, Xbox, Play station, Game Boy, Nintendo consoles and Arcade.

4. Fairytale Fights: Who says fairy tale characters cannot be Hack-and-Slash loving psychotic beings? Well story books do, but you’ll have a whole different bunch of fairy tale characters in Play Logic Entertainment’s game Fairytale Fights. You can choose the wolf hunting Red Riding Hood, crazy Snow White, the naked King or the Giant killing Jack and then slash your way to victory. Graphics of the game is childish but gameplay is similar to any hack-and-slash, button-smashing games. Platform: PS3, Xbox360.

If you prefer old school games then you can also try out Changeling: The Lost, or Deliria: Faerie tales for a New Millennium. Fair warning, though, some of these games will make you wish you actually lived in fairy tale world whereas some might ruin your childhood memories of your favorite characters forever


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